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Wrap Care Bundle

Wrap Care Bundle

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Transform your car wrap maintenance routine with our Wrap Care Bundle. This exclusive bundle features your choice of our premium Gloss or Matte Wrap Detailing and Hydration Spray, designed to keep your vinyl wrap looking pristine and vibrant.

Keep your car wrap looking fresh and flawless with the Wrap Care Bundle—your ultimate solution for wrap maintenance

Use with our Pressure Washer Gun for ultimate control and maximum foam!

Why it's Awesome

Bundle Includes:

Gloss or Matte Wrap Detailing and Hydration Spray:
Choose between our top-quality gloss or matte finish sprays to enhance and protect your car's wrap. Both formulas are specifically designed to hydrate and detail vinyl wraps, ensuring long-lasting shine and protection.

3-Pack of 500 Towels:
Our versatile 500 Towels are super soft and plush, perfect for delicate vinyl surfaces. These towels are safe for vinyl wraps and guaranteed to leave no scratches, making them an essential tool for your wrap care routine.


• Wrap detailer spray
• Versatile 500 towel (3pk)

How to use it


1. Spray directly onto the surface
2. If the surface is dirty, wipe clean in one direction
3. After clean, spray another layer and wipe evenly over surface
4. Use a clean towel to buff dry

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  • 5-in-1 Turbo Nozzle

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