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The Hybrid Towel

The Hybrid Towel

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The Hybrid Towel is your ultimate side-kick for any cleaning challenge you face with your vehicle. This innovative towel combines the best of both worlds: the exceptional absorbency and dirt-trapping powers of a twisted loop design with the gentle, plush touch of microfiber stripes. Whether you're drying off your car after a wash, detailing the interior, dusting the dashboard, or cleaning the windows, The Hybrid Towel is designed to deliver unparalleled performance. Its unique hybrid construction not only maximizes cleaning efficiency but also ensures a scratch-free experience on all surfaces, making it an indispensable tool for maintaining your vehicle's pristine appearance inside and out.

Why it's Awesome

Crafted with a unique blend of microfiber, The Hybrid Towel features an innovative twisted loop design arranged in stripes, alternated with plush stripes to create a towel with unparalleled cleaning and absorption capabilities. This distinctive design not only enhances the towel's ability to tackle various cleaning tasks but also boosts its efficiency in trapping and holding dirt, dust, and grime, ensuring a cleaner, more pristine finish.

The Hybrid Towel's uneven texture is its secret weapon, offering superior dirt and filth collection compared to standard towels. Its ability to effortlessly pick up and encapsulate dirt particles makes it an essential tool for any detailing enthusiast or individual who demands the best in vehicle care. Whether you're dealing with a wet vehicle, smeared windows, or dusty surfaces, The Hybrid Towel handles it all with ease, leaving behind a spotless and appealing finish.


• Size: 16" x 24"
• 1100gsm
• High absorbing quality
• Easily picks up and traps dirt & dust

How to use it

Use for drying, cleaning, dusting and everything else you need a towel for.

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