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Wonderous Wrap & PPF Foaming Shampoo

Wonderous Wrap & PPF Foaming Shampoo

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Wonderous Wrap & PPF Foaming Shampoo is a must have for maintaining the vibrancy and longevity of your vehicle's vinyl wraps and decals. This innovative car wash shampoo is expertly formulated to hydrate and condition your vinyl and PPF (Paint Protection Film, ensuring they remain lustrous and protected against dry out, cracking and fading. Embrace the transformative cleaning experience provided by its super foamy solution, enriched with conditioners and lubricants designed to deliver a scratch-free wash while extending the life of your vinyl and PPF. Wonderous Wrap & PPF Foaming Shampoo is suitable for all gloss, matte and satin materials. Ultra foamy when used in a foam cannon and super sudsy when used in a bucket. You'll enjoy a foamy experience regardless of your wash method.

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Why it's Awesome

Wonderous Wrap & PPF Foaming Shampoo is a versatile and safe choice for all your vehicle surfaces, including paint, wheels, glass, rubber, and plastic. Whether you prefer using a foam cannon or the traditional wash bucket method, this shampoo adapts to your preferred cleaning routine. Simply mix 4-6 oz of the shampoo with water in a foam cannon, or apply it directly to your wash bucket to generate abundant suds that effectively capture dirt and grime.

Designed with all finishes in mind, Wonderous Wrap & PPF Foaming Shampoo is suitable for gloss, matte, and satin materials, ensuring that every part of your vehicle receives the best care possible. Its hydrating formula is not only ideal for vinyl wraps but also provides excellent protection and cleanliness for painted surfaces, plastics, metals, rubbers, and more, without compromising the integrity of these materials.

Choose Wonderous Wrap & PPF Foaming Shampoo for a superior cleaning experience that goes beyond just surface cleanliness. Utilize the heavy sudsing action to safely wash your car, truck, van, or SUV, effectively removing dirt while preserving the health and beauty of your vinyl wraps and graphics. Our proprietary formula ensures a thorough clean that's safe on paint, plastic, metal, rubber, and glass, making it the perfect addition to your car care arsenal for maintaining a pristine and protected vehicle.


• Two Sizes: 32oz & 1 gallon options
• Ultra foamy
• Insane lubrication
• Hydrates vinyl to prevent dry out and cracking
• Effectively cleans and conditions
• Clean & protect simultaneously

How to use it

Always pre-rinse vehicle with a power washer to remove loose dirt and build up.


1. Fill foam cannon with water

2. Add 4-6oz of Super Shampoo 2.0

3. Foam vehicle

4. Wash thoroughly

5. Rinse

For more foam, use more Wonderous Wrap & PPF Foaming Shampoo

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