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Undercarriage Protectant - Restore • Enhance • Protect

Undercarriage Protectant - Restore • Enhance • Protect

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Our premium Undercarriage Protectant, is a revolutionary ceramic-infused coating designed to provide unparalleled protection for your vehicle's undercarriage. This advanced formula is engineered with innovative non-stick technology that actively repels a variety of elements such as mud, snow, ice, and dirt, ensuring they don't adhere to your vehicle's underbelly, fenders, or wheel wells. By creating a robust barrier against dirt and water, our protectant streamlines your cleaning process, allowing you to achieve a pristine undercarriage with greater efficiency and less effort.

Why it's Awesome

The benefits of our Undercarriage Protectant go beyond just protection. This versatile product is formulated to rejuvenate and restore dried-out wheel wells and other undercarriage components, infusing them with a deep, rich black finish that restores their original luster. The transformation is not just functional but aesthetic, enhancing your vehicle's overall appearance and maintaining its showroom-quality look.

We infused our Undercarriage Protectant with ceramic particles that provide a durable, long-lasting shield. This advanced coating technology ensures that your vehicle's undercarriage is not only protected from the elements but also from the wear and tear of daily driving. The ceramic infusion also adds an extra layer of gloss, giving your undercarriage a polished, well-maintained finish that stands out.

Whether you're battling harsh winter conditions, off-roading adventures, or simply want to maintain a pristine vehicle, our Undercarriage Protectant is the ultimate solution. It's easy to apply, dries quickly, and provides lasting protection and enhancement for all undercarriage materials. Elevate your vehicle's protection and appearance with our Undercarriage Protectant – the smart choice for savvy vehicle owners who demand the best in care and maintenance.


• Two Sizes: 16oz Spray bottle or 1 gallon refill jug
• Resists rust and corrosion
• Ceramic infused protection
• Creates a protective barrier
• Restores faded plastics & other components
• Protects against water, mud, salt, snow, ice and more

How to use it


1. Before you begin, clean the area that you would like to treat.
2. Spray product directly onto the area to be treated OR spray onto an applicator pad and apply. Let dry for 5-10 minutes.
3. Wipe up excess using a towel.
4. If applying additional layers, wait at least 1 hour in between applications.

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  • Premium Applicator Pads

    Our Microfiber Block Applicator Pads are the perfect solution for evenly applying our Undercarriage Coating or other dressings. Ditch the large floppy towel and be in control with our hand size applicator pads.

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    The BBT was made with thick, plush, and incredibly soft fibers, yet it boasts an impressive durability that's built for intense, heavy-duty use. This massive 48" x 48" towel is the ultimate choice that promises to outperform and outlast the rest.

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