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Wondrous Wrap & PPF - Seal IT

Wondrous Wrap & PPF - Seal IT

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Seal IT is an innovative vinyl wrap sealant designed to offer supreme protection and enhancement for your vehicle's wrap. Infused with ceramic properties, Seal IT goes beyond conventional sealants by providing up to 90 days of robust protection with just a single application. This innovative product is engineered to shield your wrap from water, dirt, dust, and harmful UV rays, ensuring your vehicle maintains its pristine condition and vibrant appearance. Seal IT is suitable for all gloss, matte and satin materials.

Why it's Awesome

With Seal IT, you can experience the remarkable hydrophobic effect that forces water to bead and roll off the surface, simplifying your cleaning process and preventing water spots. While Seal IT is not a ceramic coating, its ceramic infusion elevates the level of protection, offering a shield against environmental contaminants and UV damage that can fade, dry-out and degrade your wrap over time.

One of the standout features of Seal IT is its safe for use on all vinyl types. Its suitable for all gloss, matte and satin materials which allows you to protect every wrap, every time. Whether you have a full wrap, partial wrap, decals or graphics, Seal IT provides consistent, reliable protection.

Each bottle of Seal IT will deliver at least three full vehicle applications. This means you can enjoy up to nine months of enhanced protection, hydrophobic properties, and UV defense with regular use. Plus, with multiple applications, you'll notice an amplified effect, further enhancing the longevity and appearance of your wrap.

Choose Seal IT for an easy-to-apply solution that delivers results. Protect and enhance your wrap with the confidence that comes from advanced ceramic-infused technology, and keep your vehicle looking spectacular, day in and day out. Seal IT is the ultimate partner in maintaining the aesthetic and integrity of your vehicle's wrap, ensuring it stays vibrant and protected against the elements.


• 8oz Spray bottle
• 90 Day protection sealant
• Makes cleaning much easier
• Provides ultimate UV protection
• Insane hydrophobic properties
• Suitable for gloss, matte and satin materials

How to use it

Wash & dry vehicle thoroughly before applying Seal IT


1. Vehicle MUST be clean & dry

2. Spray directly onto the surface

3. Wipe the area clean with a premium microfiber towel

4. Use another dry towel to buff dry for a streak-free finish

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