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The Wipe Out Towel

The Wipe Out Towel

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🔥 Why it's Awesome

Our Wipe Out Towel is a professional grade towel that was created with leather cleaning in mind, but can be used for a wide range of cleaning tasks.  It easily captures dust, dirt & grime and keeps it trapped so you aren't smearing the mess.  

With 3 colors available, you can color code your towels to certain cleaning tasks.  This will prevent cross contamination and frustration.  You don't want to end up wiping your dash panel with the same towel that has exterior wax or wheel cleaner on it.

Sold as a 3 pack

🧼 Features

🧼 Size: 15" x 15"
🧼 Sold as a 3 pack
🧼 3 colors available
🧼 300gsm
🧼 Professional grade
🧼 Traps dirt & grime for easy pick up
🧼 Perfect companion for leather cleaning

❔ How to use it

⭐ Leather - Our Wipe Out Towel traps dirt & grime making it the perfect match to our leather cleaner spray. The cleaner breaks down the dirt and this towel cleans up the mess leaving nothing behind.

⭐ Dusting - This towel can pick up dust, remove finger prints and smudges from any surface. Use our Omni Interior spray for a great interior cleaning experience.

⭐ Glass - Make cleaning glass much easier with our Wipe Out Towels. It's a good choice for light to medium dirty glass and can be used as a "last touch" towel for glass to provide a streak free finish.

⭐ Exterior - If you need to dust off the exterior of your vehicle, this towel won't let you down. It'd made to collect duct, dirt & grime. Use it with detail spray to give your ride that shine it deserves.

❤️ Care Instructions



❤️  Machine wash using hot water.

❤️  Always wash microfiber materials separately from other types of materials.

❤️  Machine dry on LOW heat.

❤️  For best results, use Tuff P O D S with your regular laundry detergent


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