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Ceramic - WHEEL | Harsh Element Protective Coating

Ceramic - WHEEL | Harsh Element Protective Coating

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WHEEL Ceramic Coating is the ultimate protective solution tailored specifically for your vehicle's wheels. This advanced 10H ceramic coating is engineered to withstand the harsh elements that wheels are exposed to on a daily basis. It acts as a powerful barrier that repels water, resists UV damage, and prevents the accumulation of brake dust and road contaminants. This specialized formulation is more concentrated than our PAINT Ceramic Coating, ensuring it meets the specific demands of wheel environments with superior efficacy.

A standout feature of our ceramic coating line is the inclusion of a UV tracer in all of our formulas. This innovative addition simplifies the application process by allowing you to see the coated areas under UV light. This ensures thorough and even coverage, eliminating the risk of missing any spots and guaranteeing a flawless finish with every application.

Suitable for all wheel types and finishes.

Why it's Awesome

WHEEL Ceramic Coating's advanced properties allow you to easily wash away brake dust and road elements without vigorous scrubbing, keeping your wheels in top condition with minimal effort. This makes it not only a protective measure but also a practical enhancement to reduce cleaning time and effort.

In addition, WHEEL Ceramic Coating offers a deeper, more lustrous color, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your wheels. This makes it an ideal choice for car enthusiasts and professionals who value both appearance and protection. The solvency of the coating is specifically designed for the unique chemical environment of wheels, ensuring it performs optimally under all conditions.

WHEEL Ceramic Coating is a top-tier wheel protection and offers effortless maintenance. This advanced coating not only extends the lifespan of your wheels but also maintains their aesthetic appeal, making it an essential addition for any discerning vehicle owner. Keep your wheels looking and performing their best with the superior protection of WHEEL Ceramic Coating.


• 50ml bottle kit
• 3+ year protection
• Built-in UV tracer
• Long-Lasting 10H coating
• Super Scratch Resistance
• Insane hydrophobic properties
• Extreme protective layer on the surface
• Suitable for gloss, matte and satin wheels
• Extreme durability with protection up to 3+ years

How to use it


Only apply to a dry, clean surface. Work your way around the vehicle one panel at a time.

Prep vehicle with thorough wash and clay bar treatment followed by a paint correction.

• Do not apply in direct sunlight or to hot surfaces

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