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The Dusting Disc

The Dusting Disc

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🔥 Why it's Awesome

The dust collecting properties of this frisbee shaped towel is no joke!  We made The Dusting Disc to be super soft and plush so it would easily travel across your interior surfaces and exterior panels.  This is one of the softest towels you'll ever feel and its safe for every type of surface out there.

 Easily dust off your interior or exterior anywhere at any time to keep your ride looking clean!

🧼 Features

🧼 12" circle
🧼 Super soft
🧼 Ultra plush
🧼 Soft weave binding
🧼 Superior dust collecting properties

❔ How to use it

⭐ Interior - This towel is safe to use on all interior panels of your vehicle. Its the perfect dusting towel to keep your interior dust free. Easily wipe away the dust from your radio screen, instrument cluster and other interior panels without leaving streaks.

⭐ Exterior - Safe to use on all exterior panels and provides a great solution for a vehicle that needs a light dusting. Pair this with our Omni Shine if you need to get rid of fingerprints or other light smudges.

❤️ Care Instructions



❤️  Machine wash using hot water.

❤️  Always wash microfiber materials separately from other types of materials.

❤️  Machine dry on LOW heat.

❤️  For best results, use Tuff P O D S with your regular laundry detergent


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