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Wax Hack - Premium Ceramic Paste Wax

Wax Hack - Premium Ceramic Paste Wax

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Hack your way to the ultimate shine & protection.

Elevate your vehicle's exterior with Wax Hack, the ultimate hack for those seeking superior protection and an insane glossy finish. This premium ceramic wax paste is engineered to provide an exceptional level of hydrophobic protection, repelling water and contaminants to maintain your car’s pristine look. Our paste is designed to fill in tiny scratches and imperfections, creating a smooth and reflective surface that showcases the natural beauty and color of your vehicle’s paint.

Why it's Awesome

Wax Hack utilizes advanced ceramic technology to create an unmatched hydrophobic barrier. This barrier repels water and prevents dirt and other contaminants from adhering to your car’s surface. With its superior protective properties, Wax Hack helps maintain your vehicle’s cleanliness, reducing the need for frequent washing and shielding your paint from pollutants.

In addition to its protective benefits, Wax Hack enriches the appearance of your vehicle by providing a deep, glossy shine that accentuates the natural beauty and depth of your paintwork. The wax is expertly formulated to fill in micro-scratches and imperfections, offering a smooth, reflective finish that makes your car stand out.

The application of Wax Hack - Premium Ceramic Paste Wax is straightforward and efficient. It is designed to be easy to apply and buff out, leaving no residue and forming a strong, durable bond with the paint. This long-lasting protection withstands environmental challenges and everyday wear and tear, keeping your car’s finish looking newer for longer.

Safe and effective for all types of paint finishes, Wax Hack is the perfect choice for any vehicle, from classic cars with delicate paint jobs to modern vehicles with robust clear coats. Whether you're maintaining a cherished classic or a sleek new model, Wax Hack provides consistent protection and visual enhancement.


• 230g Tub
• Instant shine
• Durable protection
• Fast & easy application
• Insanely super slick finish
• Heavy duty water beading power

How to use it

⚠️ Do not apply in direct sunlight or to hot surfaces

• Only apply to a dry, clean surface. Clay bar surface prior to using Wax Hack for the best results.

• Work in 2' x 2' sections at a time

1. Evenly Spread it over the entire work area
2. Let stand until hazing occurs
3. Buff to a shine using a clean, high quality microfiber towel
4. Repeat if necessary

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