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Hand Soap with Pumice

Hand Soap with Pumice

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Daily hand soap with deep cleaning power! 

We developed a hand soap designed for daily use, with powerful cleaning capabilities. Our innovative formula includes a moisturizer that leaves your hands feeling clean and rejuvenated. This hand soap effortlessly lathers in your palms and between your fingers. As you rub your hands together, you'll immediately feel the pumice at work, effectively removing dirt and grime. Experience a seamless and refreshing hand-cleaning journey, specially crafted to tackle and eliminate your everyday filth.

Why it's Awesome

Embrace the perfect balance of cleanliness and care with our Hand Soap with Pumice. Experience the satisfaction of thoroughly cleansed and beautifully soft hands, day after day. Trust our hand soap to provide the deep cleaning power you need while pampering your skin with the gentle care it deserves. Make our Hand Soap with Pumice an essential part of your daily routine and elevate your handwashing experience to new heights.


• 16oz Dispenser bottle
• Easy rinsing
• Feels amazing
• Cleans & moisturizes
• Heavy duty cleaning power
• Breaks down dirt, oil and grime

How to use it

1. Apply to hands
2. Spread all over palms, knuckles and fingers
3. Add a small amount of water and lather
4. Rinse thoroughly with water
5. Repeat if necessary

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