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The Go Bag - Detailing Bag

The Go Bag - Detailing Bag

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Always be ready with the Go Bag!

Elevate your detailing game with The Go Bag, the ultimate solution for on-the-go organization and storage. The Go Bag serves as an exceptional trunk organizer and detailing bag, spacious enough to accommodate your polisher, an array of chemicals, accessories, clothing, shoes, and more, ensuring you're fully prepared for any detailing endeavor or spontaneous adventure.

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Why it's Awesome

We understand the struggle of keeping car care products in check—detailing bottles aimlessly rolling in the trunk, mixed piles of clean and dirty towels creating unnecessary chaos. That's why The Go Bag is a game-changer, designed to bring order to the mayhem, providing a dedicated space for each of your essentials, keeping them secure, organized, and easily accessible.

Customize The Go Bag to suit your specific needs with seven adjustable interior dividers, allowing you to tailor the storage compartments for your favorite products, tools, and accessories. The lid's interior is thoughtfully designed with three zipper pockets, perfect for stashing business cards, polishing pads, or other small items you need to keep within easy reach.

Not only is The Go Bag incredibly functional, but it's also built to last, crafted from durable materials to withstand the rigors of travel and detailing work. The exterior features three large zipper pockets for additional storage, and the bag comes with a heavy-duty removable and adjustable shoulder strap, offering comfort and convenience during transport.

Whether you're heading to a car show, going on a trip, or simply like to keep your detailing supplies in pristine order, The Go Bag is your reliable companion, ensuring you stay organized and ready for any detailing task or adventure that comes your way.


• 19.5" x 10" x 11.5"
• 3 large exterior zipper pockets
• 3 Interior zipper pockets
• Heavy-duty removable & adjustable shoulder strap
• 7 adjustable interior dividers
• Water resistant exterior

How to use it

• Use it to keep your detailing product organized and ready to go.

• The Go Bag can be used as a gym bag, helmet bag, an epic carry on for your flight or whatever else you find a use for.

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