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Nano Vision - Ceramic Glass Cleaner & Coating

Nano Vision - Ceramic Glass Cleaner & Coating

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🔥 Why it's Awesome

Nano Vision is a ceramic glass cleaner that will leave your glass looking like new and beading water like crazy.  Nano Vision is highly hydrophobic which means better optical clarity because of its intense water shedding abilities.  It can be used on all glass types, lexan, plexiglass, mirrors, chrome and headlight lenses.

With Nano Vision you'll be extending the life of your wiper blades by repelling rain off of your windshield at a rapid rate.  With its hydrophobic features, this is a glass cleaner that will change your view on how you clean your glass. 

⚠️ For extremely dirty glass, use a designated glass cleaner first, such as MOFO Vision, then follow up with Nano Shield for a hydrophobic protective layer.

Our Glass Towel works in perfect uniform with Nano Vision.

For interior glass fog prevention, use No Fog.

Click here to learn more about our Nano Series

🧼 Features

🧼 16oz Spray bottle
🧼 Ceramic coating for your glass
🧼 Repels water and and rain
🧼 Use on glass, mirror & chrome
🧼 Window tint safe
🧼 Can be used on windshield protection film

❔ How to use it

💬 For best results, thoroughly clean windshield & glass with a dedicated glass cleaner such as our Omni Vision, or MOFO Vision prior to applying Nano Vision

1. Spray Nano Vision directly onto the surface to be cleaned
2. Use a microfiber towel to clean the surface
3. Apply another layer of Nano Vision and evenly spread it over the surface
4. Let stand for 1 minute
5. Use a high quality, clean microfiber towel to buff to a crystal clear finish

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