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Wondrous Wrap & PPF - MATTE

Wondrous Wrap & PPF - MATTE

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Our Wonderous Wrap & PPF products take wrap care to new heights. Our MATTE Edition spray is designed to maintain and protect the unique appeal of your matte and satin vinyl wraps, PPF, and decals. This innovative ceramic infused conditioner detail spray is a comprehensive care formula that offers unparalleled protection and conditioning for your vinyl investments. Our advanced formula is packed with UV blockers, vinyl conditioners, and hydrophobic properties, ensuring your wrap stay protected against the elements without compromising its distinctive matte or satin finish.

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Why it's Awesome

With our proprietary ceramic infused matte formula, you'll witness immediate water-beading action, a clear indicator of the product's protective capabilities. Our specialized conditioning agents work tirelessly to prevent dry out, cracking, and color fading, significantly extending the life and vibrancy of your material. This Matte Edition is expertly formulated for matte and satin finishes, ensuring that your vehicle retains its stylish, understated elegance without any unwanted gloss or shine.

Our Wrap & PPF care products are precisely dialed in with the correct pH balance, providing a gentle yet effective cleaning solution that enhances the durability of your wrap. By shielding your investment from harsh UV rays, fingerprints, dirt, and more, our MATTE Edition ensures that your vehicle continues to make a statement on the road. Designed specifically for satin and matte finishes, our product not only enhances the appearance of your wrap but also adds an essential layer of protection.

Wonderous Wrap & PPF - MATTE provides a flawless maintenance experience that respects and amplifies the unique characteristics of your satin or matte finishes. Protect your investment from UV rays, road grime, dirt, dust, and water, all while preserving the original aesthetic of your wrap. Our formulation is free of gloss enhancers, guaranteeing that your vehicle's matte or satin finish remains true to its original allure. Level up your wrap care routine with Wonderous Wrap & PPF - MATTE Edition and enjoy lasting protection and beauty for your cherished vehicle.


• 16oz Spray bottle
• Easy to use
• pH Balanced
• Cleans and conditions
• Provides ultimate protection
• Insane hydrophobic properties
• For use with matte & satin materials only

How to use it


1. Spray directly onto the surface
2. If the surface is dirty, wipe clean in one direction
3. After clean, spray another layer and wipe evenly over surface
4. Use a clean, premium microfiber towel to buff dry

• Do not use on gloss materials or finishes

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