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Ceramic - TRIM | Plastic & Rubber Coating

Ceramic - TRIM | Plastic & Rubber Coating

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TRIM Ceramic Coating offers a protective shield that effectively resists weathering, UV damage, and contamination from road salts and grime. Its unique formula includes a flex agent, which ensures that the coating does not crack or peel, maintaining its effectiveness and appearance even with the natural expansion and contraction of plastic and rubber materials. This makes it an ideal choice for all types of vehicle trim, from classic cars to modern SUVs.

A standout feature of our ceramic coating line is the inclusion of a UV tracer in all of our formulas. This innovative addition simplifies the application process by allowing you to see the coated areas under UV light. This ensures thorough and even coverage, eliminating the risk of missing any spots and guaranteeing a flawless finish with every application.

Why it's Awesome

TRIM Ceramic Coating forms a robust barrier against UV rays, weathering, and pollutants like road salts and grime. Its innovative formula is tailored to prevent cracking, peeling and color fading making it an exceptional choice for safeguarding all types of vehicle trim, from vintage automobiles to contemporary models.

Applying TRIM Ceramic Coating not only restores the vibrant, original look of faded trim but also adds a glossy sheen that significantly enhances the vehicle's overall aesthetic. This protective layer effectively repels water and contaminants, simplifying the cleaning process and minimizing the need for regular upkeep.

Designed for ease of use, TRIM Ceramic Coating is straightforward to apply and quick to set, creating a durable shield that withstands tough environments and extends the lifespan of your vehicle's trim. Choose TRIM Ceramic Coating for state-of-the-art protection and a visually appealing finish that keeps your car looking pristine and well-maintained on every journey.

With TRIM Ceramic Coating, you gain not just protection but also a pristine, polished look that enhances your vehicle's appeal on the road. It's an investment in maintaining the integrity and aesthetics of your car’s exterior trim, providing peace of mind and a standout appearance.


• 50ml bottle kit
• 1+ year protection
• Built-in UV tracer
• Super Scratch Resistance
• Insane hydrophobic properties
• Extreme protective layer on the surface
• Extreme durability with protection up to 1+ years

How to use it

⚠️ Do not apply in direct sunlight or to hot surfaces

1. Clean the trim thoroughly before applying TRIM Ceramic Coating
2. Apply a generous amount of TRIM Ceramic Coating to an applicator pad and apply to the areas to be treated.
3. Let the product sit on the trim for 30 seconds then wipe off using a quality microfiber towel. Keep wiping until the surface is completely free of fluids and hazing. You may have to use a couple towels for this.
4. Let TRIM Ceramic Coating cure for 4 hours before driving vehicle.

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