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The BBT Towel

The BBT Towel

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Introducing the colossal 48" x 48" BBT Towel, a game-changer in the world of towels! This mammoth towel isn't just big; it's designed to tackle anything you throw at it. With its vast coverage area, you can handle larger surfaces more efficiently than ever before.

Click here for The OG Tuff Towel.  The OG Tuff Towel is a smaller version of The BBT Towel that is made from the same awesome material.

Why it's Awesome

Experience unparalleled quality with this towel, which stands out from the crowd of mediocre options mainly for its enormous size. Forget about those flimsy, thin towels that barely survive a few uses. The BBT was made with thick, plush, and incredibly soft fibers, yet it boasts an impressive durability that's built for intense, heavy-duty use. This massive 48" x 48" towel is the ultimate choice that promises to outperform and outlast the rest.


• Qty 1
• Size: 48" x 48"
• 8 color options
• 800gsm
• High density
• Extra plush
• Perfect for creating a work space or drying large areas

How to use it

1 - Use as e a massive drying towel.

2 - Use to create a "work space" when you need one.
We use this towel to lay across the hood in the event we need space to set things.. such a light weight tools, spray bottles, towels, etc. This towel is thick enough that you can set sockets, power towels and other daily tools on it and it will protect the vehicle's surface!

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