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Tuff PODs - Microfiber Cleaning Detergent Pods

Tuff PODs - Microfiber Cleaning Detergent Pods

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Tuff PODs are the ultimate solution for your microfiber cleaning needs. These premium microfiber cleaning detergent pods are engineered to tackle the toughest of grimes, revitalizing your towels, wash mitts, and pads to their pristine condition. With just one Tuff POD, you unlock a powerful cleaning action that not only eradicates stubborn dirt but also rejuvenates the softness and performance of your textiles. Tuff PODs are specially formulated to mix with your normal laundry detergent, enhancing the absorbency and texture of microfiber materials, ensuring your cleaning tools work more efficiently and last longer. Say hello to your new high-performance cleaning PODs.

1 container = 30 gel pods

Why it's Awesome

Welcome to the future of microfiber and textile care with Tuff PODs, the premium microfiber cleaning detergent pods designed to revolutionize the way you maintain your precious towels. Each pod is a powerhouse of cleaning efficiency, created to tackle the toughest of grime and dirt embedded in microfiber towels, wash mitts, pads, and even cotton fabrics. Tuff PODs are your ultimate solution for ensuring a thorough and effective deep clean, significantly enhancing the longevity and performance of your textiles.

Our advanced formula is specifically engineered to break down and release the most stubborn dirt, grease, and residues that conventional detergents might leave behind. Tuff PODs not only clean but also rejuvenate, restoring the plushness and softness of microfiber and cotton, making your textiles feel fresh and new after each wash.

Tuff PODs enhance the functional qualities of your textiles. By improving the absorbency and texture of microfiber towels, they ensure that your cleaning tools deliver optimal performance in every detail. These pods help your towels clean more effectively, dry quicker, and provide scratch-free results, preserving the integrity and efficiency of your microfiber essentials.

Tuff PODs are formulated to protect and preserve the quality of your towels. With Tuff PODs, embrace a new standard in textile care, ensuring your microfiber towels and other fabrics remain at the peak of their performance, wash after wash.


• 1 container = 30 gel pods
• Scent varies by color
• Restores softness to microfiber & cotton
• Add to wash load with your normal detergent

How to use it


1. Throw your towels into your washing machine and add your regular detergent as usual
2. Toss one Tuff POD into the washing machine drum with your towels
3. Start the wash cycle and let the magic happen

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