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Stripper Glitter - Surface Cleansing Shampoo

Stripper Glitter - Surface Cleansing Shampoo

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Stripper Glitter is a potent formula that effortlessly removes the remnants of previous waxing, sealing, and glazing, providing a clean slate for your detailing endeavors. Specially formulated to tackle and eliminate all foreign contaminants and past product build-up, Stripper Glitter ensures your vehicle's surface is impeccably clean, ready for re-claying, fresh coatings, or a comprehensive detail. While powerful in cleansing, it's carefully crafted to preserve your existing ceramic coating, focusing solely on removing superficial residue. Choose Stripper Glitter for a transformative cleaning experience that prepares your vehicle for stunning results, without the risk of damage or residue left by conventional harsh cleaning agents.

Best used with our Foam Cannon & Pressure Washer Gun

🧼 Features

• Two Sizes: 32oz & 1 gallon options
• Super foamy
• Massive lubrication
• Highly concentrated
• Maximum stripping power
• Ultimate surface cleansing shampoo

❔ How to use it

Always pre-rinse vehicle with a power washer to remove loose dirt and build up.


1. Fill foam cannon with water
2. Add 6-8oz of Stripper Glitter
3. Foam vehicle
4. Wash thoroughly
5. Rinse
6. Repeat is desired

For more foam, use more Stripper Glitter

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