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Ceramic - BICYCLE | Advanced Ceramic Coating Kit

Ceramic - BICYCLE | Advanced Ceramic Coating Kit

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Level up the protection and maintenance of your bike with our bicycle ceramic coating kit, a cutting-edge solution designed to give your bike a durable, high-performance hydrophobic layer. This advanced ceramic coating kit is infused with silicon, creating a protective layer that chemically bonds to your paint surface, ensuring your bike stays cleaner for longer and becomes significantly easier to maintain.

A standout feature of our ceramic coating line is the inclusion of a UV tracer in all of our formulas. This innovative addition simplifies the application process by allowing you to see the coated areas under UV light. This ensures thorough and even coverage, eliminating the risk of missing any spots and guaranteeing a flawless finish with every application.

🔥 Why it's Awesome

The key to out Bicycle Ceramic Coating Kit's effectiveness lies in its ability to drastically reduce surface tension, which not only repels water and dirt with unparalleled efficiency but also offers long-term, year-round protection against the elements. Whether you're facing rain, mud, or the scorching sun, this ceramic coating ensures your bike's performance and appearance remain uncompromised.

Key Benefits of the Ceramic Protection Kit:

• Advanced Hydrophobic Layer: Creates a water-repelling surface that dramatically enhances dirt shedding, keeping your bike cleaner.

• Durable Protection: Offers up to 2 years of chemical-resistant protection, preserving your bike's integrity and aesthetics.

• Versatile Application: Safe for use on paintwork, carbon fiber, metal components, wheels, vinyl, and rigid plastic trim, making it suitable for a wide range of bikes and finishes.

• Enhanced Appearance: Provides a richer and darker color tone on matt finishes, enhancing your bike's overall look without altering its original aesthetic.

• UV and Scratch Resistance: Includes UV protection to prevent paint fading and helps reduce the risk of micro scratches, safeguarding your bike's finish in all conditions.

Bike Shell is incredibly easy to apply and is suitable for both gloss and matte finishes, ensuring that regardless of your bike's finish, it receives the optimal level of protection and enhanced visual appeal.

Whether you're a professional racer, a weekend warrior, or a daily commuter, Bike Shell is an essential addition to your bike care regimen. It's not just protection; it's a long-term investment in the performance, maintenance, and appearance of your pride and joy. With the Ceramic Coating Kit by SPIN, your bike is not only equipped to face the harshest weather conditions but also becomes a standout piece on the road or trail, reflecting your commitment to excellence in every aspect of cycling.

* Bike Shell is suitable for gloss, matte and satin finishes. After curing, some matte and satin colors will have a richer, darker tone to them.

🧼 Features

• 20ml bottle
• 2+ year protection
• Built-in UV tracer
• Long-Lasting 10H Coating
• Super Scratch Resistance
• Insane hydrophobic properties
• Extreme protective layer on the surface
• Suitable for gloss, matte and satin finishes
• Extreme durable protection for up to 2+ years

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