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The Magic Hand Towel

The Magic Hand Towel

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The Magic Towel is an all-purpose cleaning companion, designed to make every cleaning task effortless and efficient whether inside or outside your vehicle. The Magic Towel eliminates the need for folding or dealing with cumbersome excess fabric, allowing for a more comfortable and efficient cleaning experience. This innovative towel transcends the ordinary with its unique dual-sided design, featuring a grey twisted loop on one side and a soft orange microfiber weave on the other, providing versatility and effectiveness in every wipe.

Sold as a 3 pack

Why it's Awesome

Whether you're wiping away dust, polishing surfaces, or simply giving your vehicle a quick touch-up with a detail spray, The Magic Towel stands ready to conquer any challenge. Its grey twisted loop side is perfect for dealing with more demanding cleaning tasks, providing the grit needed to tackle stubborn dirt and grime. Meanwhile, the soft orange microfiber side is ideal for gentle cleaning and polishing, ensuring a scratch-free finish on even the most delicate surfaces.

The Magic Towel is a game-changer in vehicle cleaning, versatility, durability, and cleaning power. Embrace the magic within this towel and transform the way you clean your vehicle, achieving professional-grade results with ease and efficiency. The Magic Towel is the perfect addition to your cleaning arsenal.


• Sold as a 3 pack
• Size: 9" x 9"
• Perfect size for single hand use
• Clean and buff glass with one towel
• Extreme cleaning & dusting abilities

How to use it

• Glass - use the grey side to clean your windshield and other glass panels, then use the orange side to buff for a streak free finishing.

• Bug Removal - Use the grey side to scrub the bugs off of your front bumper or other parts of your vehicle, then use the orange side to wipe it clean or finish off with a detail spray.

• Dusting - Both sides can easily pick up and trap dust from any surface. We typically use the orange side for interior panels such as the dash, doors, center console and gauge cluster. The grey side is typically used with a detail spray for exterior use for a streak free cleaning experience.

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