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Ceramic - WRAP & PPF | Advanced Vinyl Coating

Ceramic - WRAP & PPF | Advanced Vinyl Coating

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WRAP & PPF Ceramic Coating is engineered to deliver a 2-3 year comprehensive protection for your vehicle's exterior surfaces. It offers unparalleled UV protection, preventing harmful rays from causing fading or discoloration. Additionally, it serves as a formidable barrier against stains, pollutants, and the detrimental effects of sun exposure. The enhanced hydrophobic properties ensure water and contaminants bead up and slide off, making cleaning a breeze and keeping your vehicle looking immaculate.

A standout feature of our ceramic coating line is the inclusion of a UV tracer in all of our formulas. This innovative addition simplifies the application process by allowing you to see the coated areas under UV light. This ensures thorough and even coverage, eliminating the risk of missing any spots and guaranteeing a flawless finish with every application.

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Why it's Awesome

What sets our WRAP & PPF Ceramic Coating apart is its impressive 10H hardness coupled with P2-P12 chemical resistance. This coating shields your vehicle from acidic pollutants, bird droppings, and other harsh chemicals that can compromise the wrap's appearance and structure.

Suitable for all wrap types, including gloss, matte, and satin, this ceramic coating ensures that every surface retains its intended finish and aesthetic appeal. Its advanced formula is particularly beneficial for Paint Protection Film (PPF), where it complements the film's self-healing features without compromising its performance. The coating's versatility makes it an ideal choice for a wide range of applications, from matte to gloss PPF films, providing consistent protection while preserving the material's natural look and feel.

Choose WRAP & PPF Ceramic Coating for a durable, effective, and visually unobtrusive layer of protection that keeps your vehicle's wrap and PPF looking as vibrant and flawless as the day it was applied. With this ceramic coating, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your vehicle is shielded from the elements, ensuring lasting beauty and protection for up to three years.


• 50ml bottle kit
• 2+ year protection
• Built-in UV tracer
• Long-Lasting coating
• Super Scratch Resistance
• Insane hydrophobic properties
• Extreme protective layer on the surface
• Extreme durability with protection up to 2+ years
• Will not effect the integrity or finish of matte or satin materials

How to use it

⚠️ Do not apply in direct sunlight or to hot surfaces

1. Thoroughly wash and clean the wrap or PPF prior to applying WRAP Ceramic Coating
2. Apply a generous amount of WRAP Ceramic Coating to an applicator pad and use a "waffle" pattern to apply it to the paint. Work around the vehicle in 3' x 3' areas.
3. Let the product sit on the surface for 30 seconds then wipe off using a quality microfiber towel. Keep wiping until the surface is completely free of fluids and hazing. You may have to use a couple towels for this.
4. Let WRAP Ceramic Coating cure for at least 24 hours before driving vehicle.

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