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Holy Water - Waterless Wash + Ceramic Detailer

Holy Water - Waterless Wash + Ceramic Detailer

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Our #1 Selling Car Care Product!

Discover the ultimate solution in car care with Holy Water!  This is a revolutionary product that's taking the auto detailing industry by storm. Designed for those who demand excellence in vehicle maintenance, Holy Water is an absolute game-changer.  This innovative formula is heavily infused with SiO2 technology, additional lubricants, and gloss enhancers, making it the most potent waterless wash & ceramic detailer on the market. Ideal for use on a variety of surfaces, including paint, wraps, PPF, and more, Holy Water is your all-in-one solution to leave your vehicle looking immaculate while leaving behind a durable layer of protection.

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Why it's Awesome

Why settle for ordinary when you can experience Holy Water. This unique blend is a massive upgrade from our acclaimed H2o 2Go waterless wash, offering an unparalleled clean and adding a durable layer of protection to your vehicle's exterior. With Holy Water, you're not just detailing your car; you're enveloping it in a protective shield that repels dirt, enhances gloss, and preserves the integrity of your vehicle's surface.

Holy Water is the ultimate travel companion for any car enthusiast. Compact and efficient, it eliminates the need for multiple cleaning products, freeing up space and simplifying your maintenance routine. Whether you're on a rally or just taking care of your prized possession at home, Holy Water ensures your vehicle looks its best with minimal effort.

Safe for all surfaces, Holy Water is versatile enough to be used on paint, wraps, Paint Protection Film (PPF), wheels, tires, glass, mirrors, headlight lenses, plastics, rubber, vinyl, and more. It's not just a wash; it's a comprehensive care solution that cleans, coats, and protects without leaving any residue. Holy Water can also be used for maintaining the appearance of vinyl wraps and decals by keeping them protected with our ceramic infused formula.

Experience the transformative power of Holy Water, where innovation meets practicality, offering a superior clean while adding a layer of protection to your vehicle. Say goodbye to traditional washing methods and embrace the future of car care with Holy Water. Join the revolution and see why our product is the holy grail of vehicle maintenance.


• Two Sizes: 16oz Spray bottle or 1 gallon refill jug
• Safe on all surfaces
• Does not leave residue
• Clean without a water source
• Added SiO2, lubricants and gloss enhancers
• Smells Great

How to use it


1. Spray directly onto the surface
2. Wipe up mess in a single direction using a clean, premium microfiber towel
3. Use another clean microfiber towel to buff dry
4. Repeat as necessary

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