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Turbo Nozzle - 5-in-1 High Pressure Power Washer Nozzle

Turbo Nozzle - 5-in-1 High Pressure Power Washer Nozzle

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Turn up the pressure with the Turbo Nozzle, a premium 5-in-1 High-Pressure Power Washer Nozzle designed to transform your pressure washing experience. This robust tool is built to last and comes equipped with five dynamic spray patterns, providing unmatched versatility for all your cleaning needs. Whether you're washing your car, cleaning your driveway, or tackling tough grime on outdoor furniture, the Turbo Nozzle is your ultimate companion, enabling seamless adjustments to the spray pattern without the need for changing nozzles. Say good-bye to the colored adapters that you're always losing.

Pair with The Fusby - Pressure Washer Gun for insane reliability and results. 

    🧼 Features

    • 5 different spray patterns in 1 nozzle
    • 1/4" quick connector
    • Rotates 360 degrees
    • Delivers powerful water pressure

    • Max Pressure: 5000psi
    • Standard 1/4" quick connect fitting for pressure washer guns/wands
    • 5 spray patterns ( 0°, 15°, 25°, 40°, 65°)

    ❔ How to use it

    Connect the Turbo Nozzle to your pressure washer gun or wand and turn to set the spray pattern.

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