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Trio Polish Set - Cut • Polish • Shine

Trio Polish Set - Cut • Polish • Shine

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Introducing our Trio Polish Set: Perfect Polish, Extreme Polish, and Final Polish. This trio is your comprehensive solution for achieving impeccable paintwork, catering to every stage of the polishing process. Whether you're tackling deep scratches or aiming for a mirror-like finish, this bundle has you covered.

Pair with our Hex+ Pads for exceptional results.

Why it's Awesome

By choosing this Trio, you're equipped with a powerful arsenal of products to address any detailing challenge, from severe damage correction to achieving the perfect finish. Embrace the synergy of Perfect Polish, Extreme Polish, and Final Polish to transform your vehicle's appearance and protect its paintwork for the long haul. Elevate your detailing game with this unbeatable bundle and enjoy the satisfaction of professional-quality results.


• 16oz Dispenser bottles
• All 3 of our epic compounds
• Restores deep shine & reflection
• Cuts away swirls, haze and oxidation

How to use it


Follow the steps on each product label

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  • The Wipe Out Towel

    The Wipe Out Towel can easily wipe up your excess polish and slop. It'll keep it trapped so you can clear your work area with ease and continue polishing those headlights!

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  • Cutting & Polishing Pads

    Our Hex+ pads are the perfect solution for that crystal clear finish we all desire from our headlights! Use our Hex+ pads with polish and you'll have a recipe for perfection!

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  • Premium Clay Bars

    We set out to designed a clay bar that could tackle and remove surface contaminants with unparalleled efficiency, setting the stage for a flawless polishing process or a comprehensive detail and we succeeded.

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