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Premium Clay Bar (Light/Medium Duty)

Premium Clay Bar (Light/Medium Duty)

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Our Premium Clay Bar is an absolute game-changer in vehicle paint preparation and maintenance. We set out to designed a clay bar that could tackle and remove surface contaminants with unparalleled efficiency, setting the stage for a flawless polishing process or a comprehensive detail and we succeeded. Unlike conventional clay bars that may crumble, disintegrate, or leave residue, our Premium Clay Bar is constructed for durability and effectiveness. It's crafted to withstand rigorous use without deteriorating, ensuring that you can focus on achieving the perfect finish without any additional hassle.

PRO TIP: Use our Clay Juice for epic results.

🧼 Features

• Premium formula
• Does not crumble or "melt"
• Will last through multiple vehicles
• Leave a smooth, glass-like finish
• Easily remove containments from paint

• Our 1-pack (single bar) color is randomly selected.
• Our 3-pack contains one of each color: Red/White/Blue.

❔ How to use it

1. Spray working surface with our Clay Juice - Premium Clay Bar Lube
2. Tear off a third of the clay bar. Smoosh it into a patty, then glide it back and forth across the surface until the there is no friction and the clay moves freely
3. Buff dry with a premium microfiber towel and inspect the clay. If soiled, fold the clay and use a clean portion

⚠️ If you drop the Clay you MUST THROW IT AWAY! DO NOT use if dropped - you will risk seriously scratching your surface!

⚠️ Only use Clay Bars on thoroughly washed vehicles. Do not use on dirty surfaces.

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