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Clay Juice - Premium Clay Bar Lube

Clay Juice - Premium Clay Bar Lube

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Spray & Glide with ease!

Clay Juice is a premium clay bar lube that transforms your detailing routine, engineered to amplify the efficacy and extend the life of your clay bar or block. Recognizing the pivotal role of lubrication in the clay bar process, Clay Juice delivers unparalleled slickness, allowing for seamless gliding of the clay bar across your vehicle's surface. This not only reduces the potential for marring and sticking but also enhances the overall efficiency and effectiveness of your detailing work.

Use with our Premium Clay Bar for epic results.

Why it's Awesome

Clay bars, known for their stickiness, require a high-quality lubricant to prevent them from adhering to the paint. Clay Juice is expertly formulated to create a super slippery barrier between the clay bar and your vehicle's paintwork, facilitating a smooth glide that allows the clay bar to capture and remove above-surface contaminants with ease. This not only restores your paint to a smooth-as-glass finish but also prevents the additional scratches and damage that can occur when contaminants clog polishing pads.

With Clay Juice, you're not just lubricating; you're ensuring that every pass of your clay bar is as productive as possible. Spray Clay Juice wherever your wash mitt or clay bar travels to significantly increase lubricity, reduce friction, and allow for the effective removal of contaminants, all while safeguarding your paint from unnecessary abrasion. Ideal for professional detailers and enthusiasts alike, Clay Juice is your go-to product for achieving a pristine, smooth, and impeccably prepared surface ready for polishing or waxing.


• 16oz Spray bottle
• Extreme slickness
• Reduces marring
• Extends clay bar life
• Aids in grime removal

How to use it


1. Spray directly onto the surface
2. Begin clay baring
3. Repeat as necessary

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