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The Ultimate Car Wash Bundle for Wraps

The Ultimate Car Wash Bundle for Wraps

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Experience the pinnacle of car wrap care with The Ultimate Car Wash Bundle for Wraps. This comprehensive bundle includes everything you need to maintain and protect your vehicle's wrap, ensuring it looks its best at all times.

The Ultimate Car Wash Bundle for Wraps is your all-in-one solution for maintaining the beauty and longevity of your vehicle’s wrap. Invest in the best and keep your wrap looking showroom-new.

Use with our Pressure Washer Gun for ultimate control and maximum foam!

Why it's Awesome

Bundle Includes:

Gloss or Matte Wrap Detailing and Hydration Spray:
Choose between our premium gloss or matte finish sprays to enhance and protect your vinyl wrap. These specially formulated sprays hydrate and detail, providing long-lasting shine and protection.

Foam Cannon:
Achieve a professional-level clean with our Foam Cannon, designed to deliver thick, clinging foam that effortlessly lifts dirt and grime from your wrap.

Pressure Washer Gun:
Paired perfectly with the Foam Cannon, our Pressure Washer Gun provides a powerful, yet gentle stream to rinse away foam and contaminants without damaging your wrap.

Ultra Foamy Car Wash Shampoo:
Our high-quality shampoo creates a rich lather that encapsulates dirt, making it easy to wash away without scratching or marring the surface.

710 Wash Mitt:
The super-soft 710 Wash Mitt is gentle on vinyl wraps, ensuring a thorough and safe clean.

Large Drying Towel:
Dry your vehicle quickly and effectively with our Large Drying Towel, designed to absorb maximum moisture without leaving streaks or scratches.


• The Fubsy - Pressure Washer Gun
• Foam Blaster - Foam Cannon
• Wonderous Wrap & PPF Foaming Shampoo
• 710 Wash Mitt
• Large Drying Towel

How to use it

Always pre-rinse vehicle with a power washer to remove loose dirt and build up.

1. Add water & shampoo as directed by product into the foam cannon
2. Foam vehicle completely
3. Wash thoroughly with the 710 Wash Mitt
4. Rinse
5. Dry vehicle

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  • The Fubsy Pressure Gun

    Constructed with premium materials, The Fubsy's heft and build quality are immediately noticeable – a testament to its tank-like durability. Adaptable to any 1/4" quick connect items like foam cannons, nozzles and more.

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  • 5-in-1 Turbo Nozzle

    Turn up the pressure with the Turbo Nozzle, a premium 5-in-1 High-Pressure Power Washer Nozzle designed to transform your pressure washing experience.

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  • The Edgeless Drying Towel

    No other towels comes close to the performance that our Edgeless Drying Towel has to offer.  The absorption ability of this towel is insane! Dry your entire vehicle without ringging it out! Available in 2 sizes.

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