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Tire Shine & Protectant - Low Gloss

Tire Shine & Protectant - Low Gloss

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Low Gloss version - for those that want a more natural looking sheen.

Discover the elegance of subtlety with our low gloss Tire Shine & Protectant, your ideal solution for achieving a refined, low gloss sheen on your tires. This exceptional tire care product not only enhances the natural beauty of your tires but also provides comprehensive protection against the harshness of UV rays and road grime. Its unique, non-greasy formula ensures a no-sling application, delivering a clean, consistent finish without the excessive shine. Perfect for those who appreciate a more natural looking appearance of your tires.

PRO TIP:  Apply with our Tire Sponge Applicator for controlled, even application!

Why it's Awesome

Our low gloss Tire Shine & Protectant is a premium tire care product designed to give your tires a sophisticated low gloss finish while offering comprehensive protection. This formula is engineered to rejuvenate your tires, providing them with a subtle, natural-looking sheen that's far from the high gloss finishes, perfect for those who prefer an understated yet polished appearance.

Our Tire Shine offers a non-greasy, no-sling composition, ensuring that the product stays on your tires and doesn't end up on your vehicle's bodywork. It's not just about aesthetics; our Tire Shine also serves as a shield, protecting your tires from the damaging effects of UV rays and the accumulation of road grime.

Tire Shine & Protectant is more than just a cosmetic upgrade; it's a commitment to maintaining the integrity and longevity of your tires. By choosing our Tire Shine, you're not only enhancing your vehicle's overall appearance but also investing in the long-term care of your tires, ensuring they look and perform their best. Elevate your tire maintenance routine with our Low Gloss Tire Shine and enjoy the perfect blend of protection and subtle elegance.


• 16oz Dispenser bottle
• Low gloss formula
• No sling, no greasy mess
• Protects against UV rays & road elements
• Easy application

How to use it

Tires must be clean & dry prior to applying Tire Shine & Protectant


1. Apply Tire Shine directly onto an applicator pad
2. Rub into tires until absorbed
3. Buff off any excess residue with a microfiber towel
4. Wait 30 minutes to add additional layers as desired

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