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Tire Sponge Applicator (2pk)

Tire Sponge Applicator (2pk)

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Our dedicated Tire Sponge Applicator will be your forever solution for an impeccable tire shine application. We used the highest quality premium foam to ensures a smooth, even, and mess-free application of your favorite tire dressings or spray-on tire shines. Designed with those of us that love tire shine in mind, our Tire Sponge Applicator features a unique shape that fits perfectly in your hand, enhancing comfort and control during use.

Why it's Awesome

Gone are the days of uneven applications and wasteful drips. The Tire Sponge Applicator's high-quality foam is specifically engineered to hold the perfect amount of product, releasing it evenly onto your tires for a consistent shine that will make your vehicle stand out. Its durable construction ensures that the applicator can be used time and time again, providing you with professional results every time.


• Sold as a 2 pack
• Size: 6" x 3.6" x 1.4"
• Works great for applying tire dressing & tire shine
• Safe for all rubber, plastic and trim
• High quality foam
• Evenly apply product to surfaces

How to use it

1. Apply a couple drops of product onto the sponge
2. Spread out evenly on work area
3. Rub into surface until absorbed

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