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FKN Foamer - Pump Foamer

FKN Foamer - Pump Foamer

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A portable foam cannon with a huge 2 liter usable capacity and two adjustable foaming nozzles!

Our Pump Foamer is engineered to maximize foam production, ensuring that any product you mix with water transforms into a rich, clinging foam. This capability enhances the effectiveness of your cleaning agents, allowing them to work harder and deliver better results.

This sprayer is made to produce foam. If you need a sprayer for these type of products, check out our Pump Sprayer

Why it's Awesome

Constructed with UV-resistant materials, our Pump Foamer is built to withstand the elements, ensuring longevity and consistent performance. The bottle features convenient measuring marks, making it simple to achieve the perfect dilution ratio for your cleaning solutions.

Included with the Pump Foamer are two versatile foaming nozzles, each designed to suit different cleaning needs. The foam nozzle creates a fan spray pattern reminiscent of traditional foam cannons, providing broad coverage for general cleaning. The multi-hole nozzle offers adjustable settings, allowing you to switch between a targeted stream of foam for hard-to-reach areas and a misting foam for lighter coverage.


• Huge 2L (67.6oz) capacity
• Leak proof
• Easy operation
• Translucent bottle
• Built in trigger lock
• Includes 2 adjustable foaming nozzles

How to use it

1. Unscrew the top sprayer section from the lower bottle
2. Add water & concentrated product. Dilute as desired.
3. Re-attach the top sprayer section to the bottle
4. Pump until pressure builds up inside
5. Press trigger to spray
6. When done, unscrew the top sprayer section to release pressure from the bottle

• Always release pressure after use and before storing

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