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FKN Pump Sprayer

FKN Pump Sprayer

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🔥 Why it's Awesome

Huge 2 liter capacity with two adjustable spray nozzles!

Our FKN Pump Sprayer is an all time favorite!  We use it with our H2o 2go Waterless Wash for a super easy car wash when a water source is unavailable.  We also use it to apply glass cleaner when we work on busses and RVs.  The list of uses for our pump sprayer goes on and on.

With a massive UV-resistant 2 liter bottle, you can spend more time spraying and less time refilling.  Our built in measuring marks make diluting a breeze.  We include two fully adjustable sprayer nozzles for a variety of uses.  Our single-hole spray nozzle can be adjusted to spray a jet stream or a mist.  Our multi-hole nozzle is a wider version of our single-hole nozzle.  This will give you a ton of coverage while still having control of your output.

⚠️ This sprayer is made to spray.  It is not made to foam products, however it will create a small amount of watery foam if filled with water and car wash shampoo.  This sprayer is intended for water or other liquids such as detail solutions or waterless wash type products.  If you need a sprayer that will create massive amounts of foam, check out our FKN Pump Foamer.

✔️ Features

💠 Huge 2L (67.6oz) capacity
💠 Includes 2 adjustable spray nozzles
💠 Built in trigger lock
💠 Translucent bottle
💠 Leak proof
💠 Heavy duty construction
💠 Easy operation

❔ How to use it

⚠️ Do not use degreasers or other acidic chemicals in the FKN Pump Sprayer - they can ruin the seals and other interior components.

1. Unscrew the top sprayer section from the lower bottle
2. Add water (dilute product if desired)
3. Re-attach the top sprayer section to the bottle
4. Pump until pressure builds up inside
5. Press trigger to spray
6. When done, unscrew the top sprayer section to release pressure from the bottle

💬 Always release pressure after use and before storing

❤️ Care Instructions

🚫  DO NOT USE degreasers or other acidic chemicals in the Pump Sprayer/Foamer - these harsh cleaners can ruin the seals and other interior components.

🚫  DO NOT store when pressurized.  ALWAYS release pressure before storing.

❤️  Storing the Pump Sprayer/Foamer with soaps and liquid inside if okay.

❤️  Rinse between product change out for best results

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