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Plastic Scraper Tool + 25 blades

Plastic Scraper Tool + 25 blades

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Our Plastic Scraper Tool is the perfect solution for safe and efficient removal of decals, stickers, and other adhesives. Equipped with 25 double-edged blades, this tool is meticulously designed to offer precision without risking damage to surfaces, a common issue with metal blades. Ideal for a variety of applications, this scraper is a must-have for both professional and DIY projects.

Use this scraper tool with our Remove IT spray to make stubborn glue and adhesive an easy procedure.

Why it's Awesome

Our Plastic Scraper Tool is not only effective but also incredibly user-friendly. Blade replacement is a breeze – simply swap out the old blade for a new one with ease, ensuring your tool is always ready for action. The ergonomic handle is a game changer, minimizing hand fatigue and enhancing both grip and control, making prolonged use comfortable and efficient.

Compact and lightweight, this scraper is portable enough to be an essential item in your toolkit, always on hand for quick fixes or detailed work. It's the multi-functional tool you've been looking for, perfect for cleaning windows, removing stickers from car windshields, or scraping off labels and film without leaving a scratch.

Constructed from high-quality, hot-molded plastic, the Plastic Scraper Tool offers a balance of strength and rigidity, ensuring longevity and consistent performance. Whether you're tackling a tough job or handling delicate materials, this plastic scraper provides the durability and flexibility you need to get the job done right.


• x1 Scraper tool
• x25 double edge blades
• Easily remove stickers, decals and glue
• Can be used for automotive and household use

How to use it

Use our scraper tool to help remove stickers, decals, wraps, and glue. Our rigid plastic blade design won't damage the surface as a metal blade would which makes it a must have for any tool box.

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