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Plastic Scraper Tool + 25 blades

Plastic Scraper Tool + 25 blades

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🔥 Why it's Awesome

Our Plastic Scraper tool comes with 25 doubles edge blades that won't penetrate or damage the surface like a metal blade.  It's easy to use and allows the removal of decals and stickers without scratches.

Use this scraper tool with our Remove IT spray to make stubborn glue and adhesive an easy procedure. 

Changing the blade is super easy.  Just pop out the old blade and insert a new one.

This set includes:

x1 Scraper tool

x25 Plastic double edge blades

✔️ Features

🧼 x1 Scraper tool
🧼 x25 double edge blades
🧼 Easily remove stickers, decals and glue
🧼 Can be used for automotive and household use

❔ How to use it

Use our scraper tool to help remove stickers, decals, wraps, and glue. Our rigid plastic blade design won't damage the surface as a metal blade which makes it a must have for any tool box.

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