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MOFO Vision - Foaming Glass Cleaner

MOFO Vision - Foaming Glass Cleaner

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Mofo Vision is the ultimate foaming glass cleaner designed to tackle the toughest grime that nature and the road can throw at your windshield and glass surfaces. Our innovative formula is specifically crafted to combat dried-on bugs, stubborn pollen, and a variety of other stubborn contaminants that obscure your view and diminish the appearance of your vehicle.

Pair MOFO Vision with our Glass Towel or Magic Towel for the ultimate glass cleaning experience.

For interior glass fog prevention, use No Fog.

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🧼 Features

• 16oz Spray bottle
• Strong foaming formula
• Targets bugs, pollen and other filth
• Safe for all surfaces, including windshield protection film

❔ How to use it

For best results, use our Glass Towel or our Magic Hand Towel when using MOFO Vision


1. Spray MOFO Vision directly onto the area to be cleaned
2. Let soak for 1-2 minutes if surface has dried on contaminants
3. Use a clean microfiber towel to clean surface
4. Flip towel and buff for optimal clarity

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