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Leather Cleaner - Foaming Spray

Leather Cleaner - Foaming Spray

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Discover the transformative power of our Premium Foaming Leather Cleaner, expertly crafted to rejuvenate and maintain the pristine condition of your leather items. This top-tier cleaner effortlessly tackles dirt, oils, sweat, and light stains, revitalizing leather, pleather, vinyl, and suede without altering their texture or color. Simple to apply, just spray, brush to activate the foam, and wipe to reveal leather that looks and feels as good as new. Our cleaner dives deep to remove contaminants, restoring the natural matte finish and softness of your items while preparing them for conditioning.

PRO TIP:  Use our 3-step leather process for maximum results.

Step 1:  Thoroughly clean your leather using our Leather Cleaner.

Step 2:  Apply our Leather Conditioner + Ceramic to hydrate and restore the original look and feel of your freshly cleaned leather.

Step 3:  Maintain your leather using our Leather UpKeep Ceramic Cleaner.  This will keep your leather looking great and feeling great in between deep cleans.

🧼 Features

• 16oz Spray bottle
• Effectively targets dirt and grime
• Fast acting formula
• Does not leave residue
• Spray, agitate, wipe clean
• Works on leather, vinyl, sued and more
• Leather scent

❔ How to use it


1. Spray Leather Cleaner directly onto the surface or onto an interior cleaning brush
2. Scrub dirty area to loosen dirt and grime
3. Wipe using a clean microfiber towel
4. Repeat if necessary

• Pair our Leather Cleaner with our Premium Horse Hair Brush and our Wipe Out Towel for the most epic results

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