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Leather Cleaner

Leather Cleaner

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🔥 Why it's Awesome

Easily clean and restore the look of your leather by simply spraying on our Leather Cleaner, agitating with a soft bristle brush and then wiping clean.  Our cleaner will not stain or change the texture of the material.

Our Leather Cleaner will revive your leather and bring it back to life.  Our easy to use spray will easily remove dirt, oils, sweat, residue and light stains from leather, pleather, vinyl, and suede.  Leather Cleaner will break down the contaminants and allow you to simply wipe them away.

Heavily soiled surfaces may need additional cleaning cycles.  Be sure the surface is thoroughly clean before applying Leather Conditioner.


PRO TIP:  Use our 3-step leather process for maximum results.

Step 1:  Thoroughly clean your leather using our Leather Cleaner

Step 2:  Apply our Leather Conditioner + Ceramic to restore the soft feel and original look

Step 3:  Maintain your leather using our Leather UpKeep Ceramic spray.  This will keep your leather looking great and feeling great!

✔️ Features

💠 16oz Spray bottle
💠 Effectively targets dirt and grime
💠 Does not leave residue
💠 Spray, agitate, wipe clean
💠 Works on leather, vinyl, sued and more

❔ How to use it

💬 Pair our Leather Cleaner with our interior Horsehair brush and our Wipe Out Towel for the ultimate results

1. Spray Leather Cleaner directly onto the surface or onto an interior cleaning brush
2. Scrub dirty area to loosen dirt and grime
3. Wipe using a clean microfiber towel
4. Repeat if necessary

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