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HEX Brush - Polishing Pad Cleaning & Conditioning Brush

HEX Brush - Polishing Pad Cleaning & Conditioning Brush

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🔥 Why it's Awesome

Big things come in small sizes!

Our Hex Brush is one of the tools that gets overlooked when stocking up on your detail supplies.  This will become a quick asset in your detail arsenal!  Our conveniently designed brush will give you leverage when you need to really dig into those crusty pads to get them clean.  

The brush helps remove wax and powder stains from the surface, extending the life of the pad and preventing micro-damage to the paint while polishing.  Our bristles are made from materials that will clean and recondition even the worst of pads.

Our brush has 2 built in hang holes and a pry hook that will help you easily remove pads from your machine.  You never knew you needed this until you've used it.

✔️ Features

💠 Cleans
💠 Reconditions
💠 Convenient design
💠 Tough bristles
💠 Heavy-duty construction
💠 Built in hang holes
💠 Built in pry hook

❔ How to use it

Use our Hex Brush to clean and recondition foam and wool pads. Keep your pads looking good, performing good and lasting longer!

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