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HEX Brush - Polishing Pad Cleaning & Conditioning Brush

HEX Brush - Polishing Pad Cleaning & Conditioning Brush

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The HEX Brush is engineered to provide the leverage necessary to thoroughly clean even the most neglected pads. Its robust design allows you to effectively remove wax, polish residue, and powder stains from the pad surface, which not only extends the lifespan of your pads but also ensures they perform efficiently, minimizing the risk of micro-damage to your vehicle's paint during the polishing process.

Compatible with all of our Hex Pads

Why it's Awesome

Our brush is equipped with durable bristles specifically chosen for their ability to clean and recondition a variety of pad types, from the most delicate finishing pads to robust cutting pads. Whether you're dealing with caked-on compounds or just routine maintenance, the HEX Brush's bristles work diligently to refresh and restore your pads.

Beyond its primary function, the HEX Brush boasts thoughtful features like two built-in hang holes for easy storage and a handy pry hook designed to assist in the removal of pads from your polishing machine. It's the kind of tool you might not realize you need until you experience its benefits firsthand.


• Tough bristles
• Built in pry hook
• Built in hang holes
• Convenient design
• Cleans & reconditions
• Heavy-duty construction
• Extends the life of your pads

How to use it

Use our Hex Brush to clean and recondition foam and wool pads. Keep your pads looking good, performing good and lasting longer.

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