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Final Polish - Ultimate Finishing Polish

Final Polish - Ultimate Finishing Polish

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Show room Shine in no time!

Final Polish an unremarkable finishing compound designed to bring out a super high shine on your vehicle's paintwork. Crafted with a low abrasive formula and advanced diminishing abrasive technology, Final Polish gently refines and enhances your paint's surface, leaving behind an unparalleled gloss that truly stands out. This exceptional product is specifically formulated to be the final step in your detailing process, preparing the surface impeccably for the application of a sealant or protective coating. Final Polish was designed to be used after using our Extreme Polish or Perfect Polish to finish off the paint with a super smooth high-gloss finish.

Pair with our Hex+ Pads for exceptional results.

🧼 Features

• 16oz Dispenser bottle
• The Ultimate Final Step Polish
• Leaves an insane mirror-like finish
• Restores deep shine & reflection
• Cuts away light swirls, haze and oxidation

❔ How to use it


1. Apply 4-6 drops to pad

2. Prime pad and dab product evenly on work surface no larger than 24" x 24"

3. Use a medium to high speed while working area in 2-4 passes

4. For final pass, increase speed to high

5. Work until desired shine is achieved

6. Remove residue with a clean microfiber towel

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Plush Towels for Polishing

Our selection of premium, plush, delicate towels will be your ultimate sidekick while you're polishing. They are gentle on the surface and provide extreme buffing abilities which makes them perfect for that finishing touch.

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Perfect Polishing Pads

Our Hex+ pads are offered in 4 different levels. The cutting pad will remove extreme scratches and swirls, while our Final Step Perfect Pad will leave your surface looking like glass! Pair with our polishing compounds for epic results.

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