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Extreme Polish - Super Cutting Polish

Extreme Polish - Super Cutting Polish

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Extreme Polish is a Super Cutting Polish that is your powerful ally against the toughest paint imperfections. This highly abrasive formula is specifically engineered to tackle the most challenging defects, including deep scratches, severe swirls, hazing, and oxidation, restoring your vehicle's paint to its former glory. Follow up with our Final Polish for an insanely smooth, mirror-like finish that will be ready for a sealant of your choice.

Pair with our Hex+ Pads for exceptional results.

Why it's Awesome

Extreme Polish is not just another polish; it's a professional-grade solution designed to deliver rapid and effective results. Its potent formula cuts through paint defects with precision, making it an ideal first step in the paint correction process. Whether you're dealing with neglected surfaces or preparing a vehicle for a car show level finish, Extreme Polish provides the cutting power you need.

Suitable for all paint types and finishes, Extreme Polish works relentlessly to remove defects quickly, saving you time and effort. Its ultra-cutting accuracy ensures that even the deepest imperfections are effectively eliminated, leaving behind a surface ready for further refinement and protection.

Make Extreme Polish part of your paint reviving arsenal. Its unmatched abrasive power and efficiency make it an essential product for professional detailers and auto enthusiasts who demand the best in paint correction. Trust Extreme Polish to deliver exceptional results and transform your vehicle's appearance from extreme to exquisite.


• 16oz dispenser bottle
• Cuts hard and fast
• Time saving compound
• Hight abrasive content polish
• Restores deep shine & reflection
• Cuts away deep scratches, swirls, haze, oxidation and other imperfection

How to use it


1. Apply 6-8 drops to pad
2. Prime pad and dab product evenly on work surface no larger than 24" x 24"
3. Use a medium speed while working area in 2-4 passes
4. For final pass, increase speed to med-high
5. Work until desired finish is achieved
6. Remove residue with a clean microfiber towel

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