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Drill Brush - Level 3 (Heavy Duty)

Drill Brush - Level 3 (Heavy Duty)

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Our Level 3 Drill Brush is the ultimate tool for tackling the toughest cleaning jobs where only the most hardcore solution will do. This brush is not intended for the faint-hearted or for delicate surfaces; it's designed for those challenging tasks that demand a heavy-duty approach. Constructed with aggressive, heavy-duty nylon bristles, this brush is specifically tailored for use on concrete, tile, grout, and other hard, durable surfaces where standard cleaning tools just don't measure up.

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Why it's Awesome

The Level 3 Drill Brush is engineered to address the most stubborn and challenging cleaning tasks, setting a new standard in heavy-duty cleaning tools. Designed for resilience and efficiency, this drill brush attachment is equipped with aggressive, heavy-duty nylon bristles, making it an ideal solution for tackling dirt and grime on hard, resilient surfaces. Its robust construction allows it to efficiently clean areas where traditional cleaning tools falter, such as concrete floors, rough tile, and dense grout. This brush is particularly suited for professional settings, construction sites, or any environment where rigorous cleaning is a routine necessity.

Unlike standard cleaning brushes, the Level 3 Drill Brush transforms any standard drill into a powerful cleaning machine, offering unmatched cleaning performance. Its compatibility with drills enables users to leverage the mechanical power of a drill, providing a level of cleaning intensity that manual scrubbing cannot match. This brush is not intended for delicate surfaces or light cleaning tasks; it's specifically designed for situations that require a vigorous cleaning approach. Whether it's removing stubborn stains from a garage floor or deep cleaning the grime accumulated in industrial settings, the Level 3 Drill Brush stands out as the ultimate tool for heavy-duty cleaning challenges.


• Size: 5"
• Heavy Duty Level 3 drill brush
• Ultra stiff bristles
• Deep cleaning brush
• Digs deep to remove stubborn stains

How to use it

1. Insert brush into drill chuck
2. Use the lowest drill speed setting
3. Test brush in an inconspicuous area before use
4. Check work constantly through the cleaning process for desired results

⚠️ This is our Level 3 drill brush which is our most aggressive in our drill brush line. If you are unsure about your surface durability, use our Level 1 or Level 2 drill brush first

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