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STIFFY Scrub Brush

STIFFY Scrub Brush

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Our Stiffy Scrub Brush will be your best friend when tackling tough cleaning jobs on your vehicle. With its stiff bristles, this brush is specially designed to provide deep cleaning on tires, wheel wells, undercarriages, engine bays, and more, ensuring that every nook and cranny is free from dirt and grime. The Stiffy Scrub Brush features an easy-grip handle, offering enhanced control and comfort during your cleaning sessions. This thoughtful design allows for precise application of pressure, enabling you to scrub away stubborn stains and buildup with ease.

Not recommended for use on wheels.  Use our SOFTY Scrub Brush for delicate surfaces.

Why it's Awesome

Stiffy Scrub Brush, engineered to combat the most persistent dirt and toughest grime encountered on automotive surfaces. This brush isn't just about muscle; it's about delivering a cleaning performance that transforms and revitalizes your vehicle's appearance, ensuring that areas like tires, wheel wells, undercarriages, and engine bays aren't just clean, but meticulously detailed.

The ergonomic design of the Stiffy Scrub Brush's handle is a game-changer, providing you with a comfortable, non-slip grip that enhances maneuverability and effectiveness during use. This allows for extended cleaning sessions without fatigue, ensuring that every inch of the target area receives the attention it deserves.


• Size: 9" x 5"
• Bristle length: 2"
• Non-slip handle design
• Short handle for ultimate control
• Durable stiff bristles
• Hang hole handle design
• Works great for cleaning tires, floor matts, and more

How to use it

1. Rinse away dirt and loose particles
2. Spray tires with your choice of cleaner
3. Scrub tire to break down and lift dirt and grime
4. Rinse tires with a strong stream of water to wash away the filth

• Not recommended for use on wheels. Use our SOFT Bristled Scrub Brush on wheels and other delicate surfaces

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