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Convertible Top Cleaner

Convertible Top Cleaner

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Convertible Top Cleaner is your essential solution for maintaining and restoring the beauty of your convertible top. This expertly crafted cleaner is designed to tackle the unique challenges faced by convertible tops, providing a safe and effective clean for both vinyl and fabric materials. With our Convertible Top Cleaner, you can effortlessly remove water spots, mildew, bird droppings, and various other environmental contaminants.

PRO TIP:  After cleaning your convertible top and letting it completely dry overnight, take the time to seal it with our Convertible Top Protectant & Repellant.

Why it's Awesome

Our easy-to-use formula simplifies the cleaning process to just three steps: spray, scrub, and wipe. This straightforward method ensures that your convertible top not only gets cleaned but also regains its original luster and appeal. Whether you have a black, beige, red or any other color convertible top, our cleaner is meticulously formulated to deliver outstanding results without causing any color fading or material damage.

Beyond convertible tops, this versatile cleaner is also perfect for use on Tonneau covers and car bras, providing a comprehensive cleaning solution for your vehicle's exterior fabric and vinyl components. Its residue-free rinse guarantees that no cleaner traces are left behind, only a pristine and gleaming finish.

Elevate the look of your convertible and enjoy a cleaner, more attractive appearance every time you hit the road. Our Convertible Top Cleaner is not just a cleaning product; it's an investment in preserving the value and enjoyment of your convertible for years to come.


• 16oz Spray bottle
• Effective cleaner for convertible tops
• Removes all kinds of grime and contaminants
• Restore your top back to its original color
• Works great on tonneau covers

How to use it


1. Use compressed air to remove any loose debris
(NOTE: If the convertible top is if it extremely contaminated, thoroughly rinse and wash it with a power washer to remove as much of the filth as possible)
2. Spray Convertible Top Cleaner directly onto the work area and agitate with a soft bristle brush
3. Work in 2' x 2' sections
4. Wipe up mess with a clean microfiber towel

TIP: After cleaning the convertible top, let it dry over night and then seal it with our Convertible Top Protectant & Repellant

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