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Premium Horse Hair Brush

Premium Horse Hair Brush

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Employ our Horse Hair Brush for a delicate yet effective cleaning of various surfaces like leather seats, interior panels, fabrics, convertible tops, and more. Crafted from high-quality fibers and materials, this brush ensures durability and prolonged use.

The premium horse hair bristles are gentle and safe for all interior surfaces, efficiently lifting dirt and grime from the surface when combined with a suitable cleaning agent. It's ideal for cleaning seats, floor mats, door panels, dashes, center consoles, shifters, and a range of other surfaces.

PRO TIP:  For exceptional results, combine this brush with our dedicated Leather Cleaner for an unmatched cleaning experience.

Why it's Awesome

This soft bristle brush, ergonomically shaped to fit perfectly in your hand, offers a comfortable and effective cleaning experience for a variety of materials. This brush is not only durable but also exceptionally gentle, ensuring that even the most sensitive surfaces are cleaned without risk of damage. The natural horse hair bristles excel in loosening and lifting dirt and debris, making it an indispensable tool for the thorough cleaning of leather seats, interior panels, fabrics, convertible tops, and other delicate areas.


• Grip size: 6.25" x 2.5"
• Bristle length: 1.3"
• Durable soft bristles
• High quality materials
• Safe for all interior panels
• Hang hole handle design
• Safely clean sensitive surfaces
• Works great for cleaning leather seats

How to use it

1. Spray surface with your favorite cleaner
2. Spray cleaner into the brush to lightly dampen bristles
3. Agitate area to loosen dirt & grime
4. Wipe clean using a microfiber towel

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