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Boat Soap - "Mild Soap" Cleaner

Boat Soap - "Mild Soap" Cleaner

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Boat Soap is a "Mild Soap" solution tailored for the modern advancements in upholstery materials. As the choice of fabrics becomes more sophisticated, the necessity for specialized maintenance becomes imperative.  Boat Soap is designed with a unique blend of ingredients that safely and effectively cleans cool touch vinyl, synthetic leathers, EVA foam flooring and other specialty fabrics, ensuring delicate materials are cared for without the harsh effects found in standard cleaning agents.

Why it's Awesome

Our unique proprietary formula is crafted with meticulous attention to detail, offering a cleaning solution that goes beyond the capabilities of standard mild soaps. Boat Soap is infused with safe, yet powerful cleaning agents that effectively tackle dirt, spills, and everyday wear without the harshness found in conventional cleaners. This ensures that even the most delicate materials, such as cool touch vinyl, synthetic leathers, and outdoor canvas, receive the gentle care they require.

But Boat Soap isn't just about cleaning; it's about preserving and enhancing. Unlike generic options, our cleaner includes added benefits designed to nourish and protect your upholstery. With each use, Boat Soap not only cleans but also helps to maintain the softness and resilience of specialty fabrics. This approach helps prevent premature aging and keeps your boat's interior looking and feeling luxurious.

The convenience and peace of mind that come with using Boat Soap are unparalleled. Its formulation guarantees that you can clean your boat's upholstery without the worry of voiding warranties or damaging sensitive materials. This reassurance allows you to focus on enjoying your vessel, confident in the knowledge that its interior is maintained to the highest standards.

Boat Soap is more than just a cleaning product; it's an investment in the care and preservation of your boat's interior. Ideal for a wide range of specialty fabrics, it ensures that every surface, nook, and cranny of your boat remains pristine. Embrace the evolution of upholstery care with Boat Soap, and experience a new level of cleanliness and protection for your boat's delicate materials. Clean with confidence, and let Boat Soap reveal the true beauty of your boat's interior, journey after journey.


• 16oz Spray bottle
• Designed for specialty fabrics
• Proprietary "Mild Soap" formula
• Fast acting cleaning power
• Preserves Warranty and Material Longevity

How to use it


1. Spray Boat Mild Soap directly onto the surface to be cleaned

2. Use a clean microfiber towel to wipe surface clean

3. Use another towel to wipe area dry

4. Repeat if necessary

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