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Wheel Gel- Advanced Foaming Wheel Cleaner (pH Balanced)

Wheel Gel- Advanced Foaming Wheel Cleaner (pH Balanced)

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Wheel Gel is an advanced pH-balanced foaming wheel cleaner that's set to revolutionize the way you maintain your vehicle's wheels. Formulated to be safe for all types of wheel finishes, including delicate raw aluminum, Wheel Gel's ultra-foaming action delivers a powerful yet safe cleaning solution can be used in a wash bucket or diluted down into a mixing bottle. It's engineered to tackle and eliminate the toughest contaminants that adhere to your wheels and suspension parts. From tenacious brake dust to pervasive road grime, Wheel Gel ensures these common yet damaging elements are effortlessly removed during your cleaning process. 

For the insane results, pair Wheel Gel with one of our epic wheel cleaning brushes.

Why it's Awesome

Wheel Gel's effectiveness lies in its ability to loosen and lift stuck-on contaminants without resorting to harsh chemicals. Its safe, gentle formula makes it ideal for use on all wheel types and tires, including matte finishes, ensuring your wheels are immaculately clean without risk of damage. This product goes beyond mere surface cleaning, offering a deep clean that preserves the integrity and appearance of your wheels.

The power of Wheel Gel is in its detailed formula, which combines foaming agents and slick lubricants to create a thick, protective lather. This lather not only lifts dirt and debris but also ensures that the cleaning process is scratch-free, protecting your wheels' sensitive surfaces. With Wheel Gel, you can maintain the pristine condition of your wheels, safeguarding them from the corrosive effects of brake dust and road filth, and extending their lifespan while keeping them looking their best.


• 16oz Bottle
• Acid and alkaline free
• Heavy duty cleaning power
• Added lubricants for a scratch free clean
• Made to attack brake dust and other contaminates
• Breaks down all kinds of grime for easy removal
• Add to wash bucket or dilute in a spray bottle

How to use it


1. Rinse wheels with a powerful stream of water to remove loose debris

2. Dilute & Spray Wheel GEL on all parts of the wheels,
tires, brake components and suspension parts (or use in a wash bucket with a wheel brush)

3. Let dwell for several minutes to break down filth

4. Agitate with brush to clean

5. Rinse thoroughly with a sharp stream of water

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