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Wax 2 - Premium Spray Wax

Wax 2 - Premium Spray Wax

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Wax² is the ultimate premium spray wax that delivers an exceptional wet-look shine and robust protection in a flash. We've amplified the performance of this standout product to ensure you're thoroughly impressed. Its concentrated formula ensures that just a small amount yields significant results. The process is straightforward: shake, spray, spread, wait for the haze, and buff off with a premium microfiber towel. Wax² is designed to elevate your waxing experience, minimizing effort and maximizing shine. Our groundbreaking gloss-enhancing formula ensures that achieving a radiant wet-look finish is as simple as a spray and a wipe. Embrace the ease and effectiveness of Wax² for a superior shine and protection.

Why it's Awesome

At the heart of Wax² is our commitment to excellence and efficiency. We've doubled down on the formulation to ensure that a little goes a long way, delivering impressive results without the need for excessive product use. The application process is a breeze: simply shake the bottle to mix the two-part formula, spray it onto the surface, spread it evenly, wait for it to haze, and then buff it off with a clean premium microfiber towel. Experience a new level of convenience and effectiveness in your waxing routine.

Wax² is designed to mesmerize with its insane gloss-enhancing properties. Achieve that coveted wet-look shine with just a simple spray and wipe, transforming your vehicle's appearance instantly. Our formula not only enhances the aesthetics of your vehicle but also offers substantial protection against the elements. It creates a durable hydrophobic layer that repels water, safeguarding your vehicle's finish from water spotting and environmental contaminants.

Wax² can add a touch of shine and protection during the drying process or need a quick touch-up before a car show. It's the perfect post-wash drying aid, enhancing your vehicle's finish while providing an extra layer of protection. Alternatively, use it as a standalone product for a quick enhancement of your vehicle's shine and defense on show days.

Choose Wax² for a premium spray wax that delivers more than just a superficial gloss. It's an investment in the longevity and beauty of your vehicle's finish, offering a protective shield, stunning shine, and hydrophobic properties all in one easy-to-use product. Elevate your wax game with Wax² and enjoy a flawless finish with less effort and more satisfaction.


• 16oz Spray bottle
• Gloss enhancing formula
• Instant shine & protection
• Extreme deep, wet look shine
• Easy application

How to use it

NOTE: Visual separation of the formula is normal after sitting for a while


1. Spray Wax² directly onto the surface to be waxed
2. Use a clean, premium microfiber towel to evenly spread it on the surface
3. Wait for it to haze
4. Flip the towel over and buff for an extremely wet-look shine
5. Repeat as desired

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