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Super Shampoo 2.0 - Ultra Foam + Hybrid Wax + Gloss Enhancers

Super Shampoo 2.0 - Ultra Foam + Hybrid Wax + Gloss Enhancers

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Discover the next level of vehicle care with Super Shampoo 2.0, the ultimate wash & wax solution designed to revolutionize your car washing experience. Infused with an ultra-foamy formula, enriched with advanced hybrid wax, and packed with potent gloss enhancers, Super Shampoo 2.0 is engineered to deliver a cleaning experience that transcends expectations. Whether applied with a traditional 2-bucket method or a foam cannon, Super Shampoo 2.0 is set to become an indispensable part of your car maintenance routine, offering unmatched results that maintain your vehicle's impeccable appearance effortlessly. Not only does it promise to leave your vehicle with an awe-inspiring high gloss finish, but it also ensures lasting protection and shine, redefining what you can expect from a car shampoo.

Why it's Awesome

Super Shampoo 2.0, the revolutionary wash & wax solution that's setting new standards in automotive detailing. This ultra-foamy shampoo isn't just a cleaning product; it's a comprehensive treatment, infusing your vehicle's exterior with a potent blend of hybrid wax and advanced gloss enhancers to deliver a show-stopping shine and lasting protection.

Super Shampoo 2.0 is designed to simplify your washing routine while maximizing results. Its thick, rich foam effectively lifts dirt and contaminants, ensuring a thorough clean without the risk of scratching your paint. The embedded hybrid wax in the formula lays down a protective layer that shields against environmental pollutants, UV rays, and water spots, promoting durability and long-lasting shine.

The exceptional gloss enhancers in Super Shampoo 2.0 provide an instant brightness boost to your vehicle's surface, accentuating its curves and lines with a deep, reflective shine that's bound to turn heads. And with its pleasant scent, washing your car becomes not just a chore but a delightful experience, enhancing your satisfaction with every wash.

Super Shampoo 2.0 is ideal for both enthusiasts who prefer the meticulousness of a 2-bucket wash method and those who enjoy the speed and efficiency of a foam cannon. Regardless of your choice, Super Shampoo 2.0 delivers consistent, professional-grade results, making it the best shampoo you'll ever use on your vehicle.


• Two Sizes: 32oz & 1 gallon options
•Ultimate maintenance wash shampoo
• Ultra foamy
• Insane lubrication
• Premium wash & wax formula
• Extreme gloss enhancement
• Clean & protects your paint and coatings
• Smells amazing

How to use it

Always pre-rinse vehicle with a power washer to remove loose dirt and build up.


1. Fill foam cannon with water

2. Add 4-6oz of Super Shampoo 2.0

3. Foam vehicle

4. Wash thoroughly

5. Rinse

For more foam, use more Super Shampoo 2.0!

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