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Super Melt - De-Icer Spray

Super Melt - De-Icer Spray

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Super Melt, the revolutionary de-icer spray that transforms your winter mornings. With its fast-acting formula, Super Melt quickly dissolves ice and snow, significantly reducing the need for scraping and allowing you to start your day without delay. Designed to combat even the most stubborn frost, ice, and snow, Super Melt efficiently clears windshields, wiper blades, mirrors, and various locks and latches, ensuring a safe and clear driving experience. Proudly manufactured in the USA like all of our chemicals, Super Melt comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, underscoring our commitment to quality and your peace of mind.

Why it's Awesome

Super Melt's advanced, concentrated formula is engineered to tackle frost, ice, and snow swiftly, ensuring you won't have to endure the time-consuming and often difficult task of scraping your vehicle's surfaces in cold weather. The effectiveness of Super Melt helps prevent the potential dangers associated with driving with obscured visibility due to ice accumulation. With just a simple spray, you can watch as ice melts away in seconds, providing a clear, unobstructed view from your vehicle's windows and mirrors.

This de-icer is designed with your convenience and safety in mind, making it an essential addition to your winter vehicle maintenance kit. Super Melt is suitable for all vehicle windows, offering a practical and efficient solution to one of winter's most persistent problems.

Choose Super Melt for a hassle-free solution to your ice and snow challenges. Embrace the simplicity and effectiveness of this de-icer spray and say goodbye to the tedious and laborious task of scraping ice from your vehicle. Trust Super Melt to deliver rapid, reliable results, ensuring your safety and convenience no matter how severe the winter weather.


• 32oz Spray bottle
• Fast acting
• Biodegradable & Noncorrosive
• Creates a nonstick surface for ice & snow
• Reduces accumulation of snow

How to use it


1. Spray on windshield and wipers to loosen ice

2. Allow liquid to penetrate ice build up

3. Brush off melted ice and snow with a brush or scraper

4. Repeat as necessary

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