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Super Foam - Bike Wash

Super Foam - Bike Wash

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Embrace the thrill of your ride without worrying about the aftermath of dirt and grime with Super Foam Bike Wash Shampoo. Designed for the enthusiasts who push their limits, this high-concentration formula is your go-to solution for removing the toughest of road and trail contaminants. Super Foam isn't just a cleaner; it's a testament to your dedication to keeping your bike in pristine condition, no matter what you encounter on your journey.

Best used with our Foam Cannon & Pressure Washer Gun

Why it's Awesome

With Super Foam, we've raised the bar for bike maintenance, creating a product that tackles everything from the remnants of a thrilling downhill track to the grime collected on a long-distance road trip. Dead bugs, dust, dirt, mud, and even the unfortunate road kill are no match for this powerful cleaner. Its advanced formula is engineered to break down filth quickly and efficiently, leaving your bike looking as good as new with minimal effort.

Super Foam's magic lies in its foaming action. Upon application, it expands, ensuring that every inch of your bike's surface is penetrated for a deep clean that traditional washes can't match. This foam action not only ensures a thorough cleanse but also makes it easy to see where you've applied the product, ensuring no spot is missed.

Super Foam is more than just powerful. It's also safe and gentle on your bike's delicate finishes. Suitable for all bike types, including carbon fiber, matte finishes, and custom paint jobs, it ensures that while the dirt is being stripped away, the integrity of your bike's surface is preserved.

Why Super Foam is the ultimate choice for your bike cleaning needs:

• High-Concentration Formula: Designed to tackle the toughest grime and filth.

• Powerful Foaming Action: Ensures deep cleaning and easy application.

• Safe for All Bikes: Gentle on all surfaces and finishes, including sensitive materials.

• Eco-Friendly: Biodegradable ingredients make it safe for the environment.

• Effort during clean-up.

Perfect for cyclists who demand the best for their bikes, Super Foam offers an unmatched cleaning performance that keeps your bike in optimal condition, ready for your next adventure. Whether it's a leisurely ride through the countryside or an extreme downhill challenge, Super Foam ensures your bike looks as great as it performs. Say goodbye to stubborn dirt and hello to a sparkling clean bike with every wash.


• Two Sizes: 32oz & 1 gallon options
• Super Foamy
• Extra lubrication
• Highly concentrated
• Maximum cleaning ability
• Ultimate bike washing shampoo

How to use it


1. Rinse bike thoroughly to remove any loose dirt and debris

2. Add 4-6oz of Super Foam to a foam cannon or water bucket

3. Foam bike completely - let dwell for 1-2 minutes to break down filth

4. Wash thoroughly using a wash mitt or brushes

5. Rinse bike thoroughly with water

* If your surface is extremely dirty, let Super Foam soak longer to soften stubborn filth.

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