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Sneaker Shield - Repellent & Protection

Sneaker Shield - Repellent & Protection

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Our advanced Sneaker Sneaker Shield formula not only guards against the everyday wear and tear of outdoor elements but also provides a powerful defense against stains and liquid absorption. Sneaker Shield is meticulously engineered to keep your shoes looking their best, preserving the vibrancy of their materials and extending their lifespan. The straightforward application process ensures a long-lasting barrier that won't alter the look or feel of your sneakers, maintaining their original aesthetics and comfort.

For the full sneaker refresh experience, thoroughly clean your shoes with our Sneaker Cleaner and Scrub Brush then let them completely dry over night.  Use our Sneaker Deodorizer to keep the inside of your shoes odor free and smelling clean then treat the exterior of your shoes with our  Sneaker Shield to repel & protect against water and other outdoor elements.

Why it's Awesome

Discover the power of Sneaker Shield, your essential Sneaker Repellent & Protector spray, expertly crafted to shield your footwear from the elements and maintain their pristine condition. Our protector spray establishes a resilient barrier on your sneakers, effectively repelling water, dirt, and preventing unsightly stains while blocking liquid penetration to ensure your footwear remains in impeccable shape, day after day.

Sneaker Shield's superior formula is your ally against the rigors of daily wear, safeguarding your sneakers' color, texture, and overall integrity. It's designed to be effortlessly applied—just spray a uniform layer over the exterior of your shoes and let it dry. For enhanced defense, we advocate for a second coat, guaranteeing your sneakers receive the highest level of protection.


• Two Sizes: 8oz or 16oz Spray bottle
• Adds water repellency to shoes
• Ideal for old & new shoes
• Super effective water-based solution
• Protects shoes to keep them looking great

How to use it


1. Thoroughly clean shoes with Sneaker Cleaner and let them completely dry
2. Spray Sneaker Shield evenly onto the shoes - take care to avoid overspray
3. Let dry for 30-60 minutes
4. Apply another coat. Let dry for 6 hours before wearing shoes

• Use Sneaker Shield twice a month to keep your shoes protected during rainy and snowy months.

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