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Sneaker Scrub Brush Set

Sneaker Scrub Brush Set

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The ultimate sneaker cleaning brush does exist!  If you're a shoe junkie like some of our staff, then you know just how important it is to have the right tool for the right job!  Some brush bristles can be super stiff and harsh on your shoes which can cause damage, premature wear or even scratch the surface. Our Sneaker Scrub Brushes were designed with a comfortable grip and ultimate cleaning abilities in mind. Use with our Foaming Sneaker Cleaner for epic results.

Why it's Awesome

The bristles are made using extra tough, bushy fibers that will aid in the activation of the cleaner foam for a very effective cleaning.

The hand grips were made for comfort. Strategically shaped handles make adding pressure easy without creating strain on your body. Our 7" brush has a hang hold built into the handle for convenience.

We offer two sizes for maximum cleaning. Our low & wide brush has a large footprint so you can clean large areas with ease. Our hang brush still has an impressive coverage area but it'll let you have more control for those areas that the low & wide brush can't reach.

• Not for use on leather and suede materials


• 3 colors available
• Comfort grips
• Tough bristles
• Super cleaning abilities
• Cleans canvas, leather, rubber & more

How to use it

Follow Sneaker Cleaner Instructions before using

1. Spray bristles with Sneaker Cleaner or water to moisten
2. Agitate shoe surface to clean
3. Rinse brush thoroughly with water after using

• Not for use on leather and suede materials.

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