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Sneaker Deodorizer - Powerful Odor Eliminator

Sneaker Deodorizer - Powerful Odor Eliminator

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🔥 Why it's Awesome

Sneaker Deodorizer is an innovative spray solution that we specifically formulated for shoes.  This magic potion will eliminate any and all shoe odors at their source so you can walk in confidence once again knowing your shoes have been deodorized and sanitized with the absolute best option out there.

To use, simply shake the bottle then spray directly into the shoes.  Mildly saturate the entire inside so its slightly damp to the touch (don't over saturate).  Set your shoes in a well ventilated area to thoroughly dry before wearing or treating with our Sneaker Shield. 

For the full sneaker refresh experience, thoroughly clean your shoes with our Sneaker Cleaner and Scrub Brush then let them completely dry over night.  Use Sneaker Deodorizer to keep the inside of your shoes odor free and smelling clean.  Treat the exterior of your shoes with Sneaker Shield to repel & protect against water and other outdoor elements.

👟 Features

👟 Two Sizes: 8oz or 16oz Spray bottle
👟 Specifically designed for shoes
👟 Deodorizes and disinfects
👟 Revive old shoes
👟 Keep new shoes smelling great
👟 Super effective odor fighting formula

❔ How to use it

1. Spray Sneaker Deodorizer all over the inside of the shoes until slightly damp - do not over saturate
2. Allow shoes to fully dry in a well ventilated area
3. Repeat as necessary

⭐ For best results, thoroughly clean sneakers with Sneaker Cleaner before deodorizing them.

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