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Sneaker Cleaner - For All Shoe Types

Sneaker Cleaner - For All Shoe Types

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Sneaker Cleaner was created to rejuvenating all types of footwear. Whether it's shoes, boots, sandals, or sneakers, our specially formulated spray is designed to tackle and eliminate dirt, stains, and grime, restoring your beloved footwear to its pristine condition. Sneaker Cleaner is made from high-end, toxin-free ingredients, ensuring a safe cleaning experience without compromising on effectiveness. Our unique formula is tough on stains yet gentle enough to preserve the integrity and appearance of your shoes.

For the full sneaker refresh experience, thoroughly clean your shoes with our Sneaker Cleaner and Scrub Brush then let them completely dry over night.  Use our Sneaker Deodorizer to keep the inside of your shoes odor free and smelling clean then treat the exterior of your shoes with our  Sneaker Shield to repel & protect against water and other outdoor elements.

Why it's Awesome

Our commitment to quality is reflected in the choice of toxin-free ingredients, ensuring that Sneaker Cleaner is not only powerful against dirt but also environmentally friendly and safe for use around pets and family. The gentle yet effective formula makes it suitable for a wide array of materials, from leather and canvas to suede and mesh, offering you a one-stop solution for all your shoe cleaning needs.

Our Sneaker Cleaner will leave your shoes clean and fresh, but its versatile formula is safe for use on a variety of materials, making it a must-have for your shoe care routine. Whether you're reviving your favorite sneakers or sprucing up a pair of casual sandals, Sneaker Cleaner provides the perfect blend of power and gentleness to breathe new life into your footwear. Elevate your shoe cleaning game with Sneaker Cleaner – because every shoe deserves to look its best.


• Two Sizes: 8.4oz foam or 16oz bottle w/ sprayer
• 16oz can be used as a spray solution or to refill the foamer bottle
• Toxin-free
• Revive old shoes
• Keep new shoes looking new
• Super effective cleaning power
• Cleans canvas, leather, rubber & more

How to use it


1. Apply or Spray Sneaker Cleaner directly onto the shoes

2. Let Sneaker Cleaner sit for 2-4 minutes

3. Wet a shoe cleaning brush then scrub shoes clean. Use more water if desired

4. Repeat as necessary

5. Rinse shoes thoroughly and let air dry

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